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SHS800 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes
Main characteristics:
Bandwidth 60 MHz-200 MHz
Real-time sampling rate 1 GSa/S, equivalent sampling 50 GSa/S
3-instruments –in- 1, oscilloscope, multimeter, and recorder
Oscilloscope and multimeter safety level up to CATIII 300 V
Support USB drive storage and PC remote control
5.7" TFT LCD large screen display
Trend Plot
You can draw a picture to display the changes of a parameter value (measured in oscilloscope or multimeter mode) in a specified period of to find the source of a problem quickly.
Data Recorder
· Continuously record waveforms
· Support recording and playback of waveforms
· Internal storage of up to 7 M points waveform data, with a maximum recording time of approximately 18 hours
· USB drive storage is up to 4 GB, and the maximum recording time is about 3000 hours
Precision Multimeter
The multimeter has a resolution of 6000 counts and offers many popular test functions, including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity and other test items.
Portable and easy to use
Compact unit is battery operated for industrial and field use.
Suitable for automotive electronics, electric vehicle testing
Support USB drive storage and software upgrade
Support PC remote control and PicBridge printing

  Scope Specification
  SHS806 SHS810 SHS815 SHS820
Bandwidth 60 MHz 100 MHz 150 MHz 200 MHz
Rise Time 5.8 ns 3.5 ns ≤​2.3 ns ≤​1.75 ns
Real time sample rate 1 GSa/s 500 MSa/s
Equivalent samp rate 50 GSa/s
Time base range 5 ns/DIV ~ 50 s/DIV 2.5 ns/DIV ~ 50 s/DIV
Memory depth 2 Mpts 32 Kpts
Vertical sensitivity 2 mv/div~100 v/div
Vertical Resolution 8 bit
Modulation Type Edge,Pulse,Video,Slope,Alternative
Data Recorder 7 Mpts
Trend plot 800 Kpts
Triggering Frequency Counter 6 digits
Interface USB Device,USB Host
Math Operation +,-,*,/,FFT
  Multimeter Specification
Maximum Resolution 6000
DC Voltage 60 mV-1000 V ±1%±15 digit
AC Voltage 60 mV-750 V ±1.5%±15 digit
DC Current 60 mA-10 A ±5%±5 digit
AC Current 60 mA-10 A ±5%±5 digit
Capacitance 40 nF
400 nF-400 μF
±5%±5 digit
Resistance 600 Ω-6 MΩ
60 MΩ
±1%±5 digit
±4%±5 digit
Continuity <50 Ω
Diode 0-2 V
Trend Plot 1.2 Mpts
  Other Specification
Display 5.7 inch color TFT-LCD,320*234
Power Supply Charging/Battery
Net Weight 1.5 kg
Domesion 163.2 mm * 259.5 mm * 53.3 mm
Accessories Two Passive Probes,Multimeter pen,USB data cable,DC adapter,Manual
Max real time sampling rate
Isolation level
Memory depth
200 MHz
2 CH
500 MSa/s
voltage,current,resistance.etc eight regular function
32 kpts
100 MHz
2 CH
1 GSa/s
voltage,current,resistance.etc eight regular function
2 Mpts
60 MHz
2 CH
1 GSa/s
voltage,current,resistance.etc eight regular function
2 Mpts
150 MHz
2 CH
1 GSa/s
voltage,current,resistance.etc eight regular function
2 Mpts
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